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The Ambient Water Quality Monitoring System (AWQMS) is a web-based data management system for ambient water quality data. It was specifically designed for compatibility with the EPA's Water Quality Exchange (WQX) - the method of exchanging water quality data between the EPA and its partners.

AWQMS was developed by Gold Systems and originally funded in a cooperative effort with the EPA, the National Park Service, the Region 8 Tribes, and the states of Utah, Minnesota, and Illinois. Since then, Gold Systems continues to support it with some of its own funds as well as funds from states, tribes, EPA Regions, volunteer monitoring groups, and municipalities throughout the United States.

The system includes the following core functionality:
• A highly configurable import module, supporting a wide range of import formats
• QA/QC Capability upon data import and data entry using configurable thresholds
• Query/List pages for identifying data of interest
- Data may be exported from the Query/List pages
• Detail Pages for viewing, adding, updating, or deleting records
• Data export and optional WQX submission in WQX-campatible format
- Choose full, incremental, or custom exports/submissions
• Flat File Export to facilitate data review and analysis in products like Microsoft Excel
• Statistical Reports
• Charts and Graphs
• Integrated Google Mapping of Monitoring Locations
• Optional Trip Planning feature allows you to export a list of sites to be visited, the related bottle types needed, and analytes of interest
• Ability to generate index scores for imported metrics

The system includes support for the following types of data:
• The physical conditions in the environment at the time of a site visit.
• The chemical and bacteriological make-up of the water sampled.
• Chemical analyses of fish tissue collected.
• Biological Taxon Abundance data, including population census, frequency class, group summaries, and individual results
• Toxicity data.
• Habitat Assessment scores and their related metric scores.
• Biological Index scores and their related metric scores.

To request a FREE demo of AWQMS send an email to awqms@goldsystems.com or call (801) 456-6145.

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