Data Import, Entry and Quality Control

• Map AWQMS/WQX data elements to virtually any import file layout
• Automatically translate from values in your file to corresponding allowed WQX values
• Highly configurable batch import module, supporting virtually any file layout
• Imports Excel and text files
• Handles continuous monitoring time-series data
• Enter data from field sheets or notebooks quickly using configurable grid-style data entry pages
• Validates data against all WQX rules and data standards and provides pages for resolving validation errors and warnings
• Validates result parameters against a user-defined list of expected parameters (e.g. checks unit of measure)
• Validates result values against a user-defined QC value range (e.g. "Water Temperature of 250 degrees Celsius is highly suspect!")
• Review, search, sort, and filter through your data
• Make data corrections using detailed data management pages
• QC batch update tool assists with data anomaly identification and correction for multiple records at a time

Beach Notification Tracking

• Define Beaches and associated Monitoring Locations
• Define Beach Attributes, Sources, and Criteria
• Log Beach Actions/Closures
• Submit Beach Notification Data to EPA via the Exchange Network


Trip Planning

• Define routes and associated monitoring locations & specify analytes or methods to be analyzed at each site
• Generate and export a list of sites and associated bottles needed at each
• Use the list to

- ensure correct bottles/sampling media are available at each site visit
- ensure all sites are visited
- pre-load site visits into data logger
- facilitate communication with lab

Data Analysis Reports, Exports, Graphs, and Maps

• Line, Bar, Combined Line & Bar, Box and Whiskers, Bi-Variate Scatter Plot w/Regression Line, Cumulative Frequency w/Histogram, Index Over Time, and more!
• Plot thresholds (standards/criteria) on graphs
• Generate statistical and exceedance reports and exports (export as Excel or text file)
• Plot locations meeting certain search criteria on a map
• Plot locations having exceedances on a map
• Perform analysis of variance (ANOVA) for a parmeter across locations
• Provide data analysis "portal" access to your public (optional)
• Review data in context of other agencies' data collected at nearby sites
• Tools to assist with assessment per Assessment Unit, Designated Use, and Parameter combination through identification of exceedances to standards
• Integrate AWQMS with your other systems using web services (web APIs)

Submit Data to EPA via Exchange Network

WQX Data Submission

• Optional WQX data submission in WQX-compatible XML format
• Choose full submission of all date, incremental submission of only what has changed, or custom defined submission
• Submit data to WQX manually with the click of a button or nightly with the "auto-submit data" option
• Integrated WQX submission wizard steps you through the process