Meet the AWQMS Team:

Dave Wilcox

In addition to being the CEO of Gold Systems Inc., Dave Wilcox has deep roots in our environmental software practice. He assists the team with sales and business development and provides strategic input for AWQMS. As a former citizen of Michigan, Dave claims to "bleed maize and blue", but there are rumors going around that that he's been seen secretly rooting for the Utes.

Mark LeBaron
Sr. Project Manager and Sr. Systems Analyst

Mark is involved with all aspects of AWQMS from sales and support to product design and testing. His degree in Business Information Systems from Utah State University combined with over ten years' experience supporting environmental IT projects make him a great fit for the AWQMS team. In a secret life, Mark writes, sings, plays and records mediocre rock/pop music in his basement.

Ryan Jorgensen Technical Team Lead

Ryan Jorgensen is the application architect for AWQMS and leads the technical team that created and maintains it. In addition to his role on AWQMS, he has worked with EPA for over twelve years and has been responsible for the Water Quality eXchange (WQX) and the WQX Web application. Outside of work, Ryan has experienced the joy (and frustration) of building or remodeling a number of homes in the Salt Lake Valley. Ryan’s kids provide interesting and comical drawings to adorn our cubicle walls.

Alex Heppner
AWQMS User Support & Project Manager

Alex has been with the AWQMS team for several years. With a BS in Environmental Science and years of sampling experience as a staff scientist in his home state of Pennsylvania, Alex gives a unique "real world" perspective when it comes to all things AWQMS.

Rick Cooke
Senior Software Engineer

Rick has a BS in Computer Science, and his years of experience are invaluable to the AWQMS team. Rick adds value in his comprehensive knowledge and realistic views. Rick is our self-proclaimed "Gear Head". When he's not slinging web code, Rick can be found working on or cruising in hot rod cars.

Kayla Gower
User Support & Data Migration Specialist

Kayla hails from the state of Washington and brings a variety of experiences in office and customer support services from a cross-section of business and educational environments. Her background includes a BS in Biology with an emphasis in microbiology, but also had a focus in environmental sciences and field work as a major part of her education. Kayla loves her bulldogs and staying active in the great outdoors.

Stephen Beard
Software Developer

Stephen is one of our talented software developers on the AWQMS team. He has a BS in Chemistry with a Computer Science minor from the University of Utah; which is just down the street from the Gold Systems office. Stephen's education and work experience allow him to be a vital aspect of not only software development, but also user support, software testing, and dataset analysis and migration. Interesting factoid: Stephen knows everything there is to know about the installation of high-end home audio-visual equipment.

Ahmet Oguz
Software Developer

Ahmet graduated from the University of Utah with a BS in Computer Engineering. C# ninja by day, Ahmet is also a robotics hobbiest at night. His dream is to program drones that can take water quality readings and auto-upload the results to AWQMS.

Our History

Gold Systems has been providing water quality data management systems for nearly 20 years. Our blend of subject matter expertise and technical skills can help you develop, maintain, or transition a successful water quality system. Gold Systems is an active participant in maintaining and developing critical data management systems for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). We are experts in Information Systems development, database design, and data migration.


Our mission is enabling people to realize personal and organizational potential through education and training. Gold Systems is dedicated to creating an Internet-based community for small businesses, nonprofit organizations, government agencies and individuals to educate, learn, and collaborate.


We care about the success of our clients. Their challenges quickly become our challenges and we invest skill, effort, and passion to create excellent solutions. We value long-term relationships and understand that how well we collaborate with clients is as important as how well we solve their problems.

Integrity is our most valuable asset and defines who we are and how we conduct business. Integrity creates trusting relationships that drive short- and long-term success for customers, partners and ourselves. Integrity drives effective decisions, efficient operations, new opportunities and successful solutions. There is no substitute for integrity.

Mutual respect sustains the collective health and vitality of Gold Systems and creates a sound work environment where performance flourishes. Respect of person, idea and contribution is woven into formal company policy, meeting tone and casual conversation. Positive interaction affects how we feel and how clients feel. Respect for customers, partners and each other is non-negotiable.

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Innovating means collaborating is critical to market-leading performance. Traditional corporate hierarchy and titles mean little and everyone contributes their skills in multiple functional roles to create innovative and reliable solutions for clients.

Gold Systems employees contribute a wealth of unique talent, skill, experience and emotional intelligence. They are passionate about improving themselves. We invest in appropriate continuing education including formal institutions, seminars and mentor relationships that enable employees to expand their capabilities.


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Gold Systems actively fosters a diverse work environment with employees, business partners, educational institutions and professional organizations. Each of us plays a role sustaining an environment that respects the value diversity creates.

Community Affairs

Education and training are a critical activity of productive communities, businesses and individuals. This vision reflects the core capabilities that make us excellent. We support community initiatives that further this vision and welcome inquiries requesting support.